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Total Tokens Sold : 10,00,000

Pre ITS End In




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PRIVATE OFFRERING : Private offer was completed to private investors. 20,00,000 Tokens were sold.


Pre-ITS: the pre-sale will open up to new investors and we have 5 pre-sale offering window and the price will be increase on every window.


ITS : The official ITS begings. Its also have 5 ITS window and The price once again increase on every window.

ITS 2018 JUNE 20

We have already worked on it with leading crypto exchanges to get MDD listed. The digital currency will be available for public well as we launch our own exchange also.

Q4 2018 (Exchange listed)

We will launch for MDD. That will be available on desktop and mobile also by website and mobile app.

Q1 2019 (MDD WALLET)

Our goal is to minimise the rate of home loan from the Finance sector or banking sector though the ecosystem which is provided by MDD.

Q3 2019(Expanding Client Base)

Launching of new mobile apps for loan payment repayment and money transfer.

Q1 2020(Loan System)


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What is Bitcoin Mining 8 Jan

Giant Automakers & Co. Start Global Blockchain Initiative

Automakers such as BMW, Ford, General Motors, Renault, alongside with partners from the blockchain and other industries launched the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) today. The initiative aims to explore blockchain for use in a new digital mobility ecosystem that could make transportation safer, more affordable, and more widely accessible, according to the official announcement.

The Government versus Bitcoin 18 Dec

S Korean Fishermen, Farmers To Use Blockchain Trading Platform

South Korea’s South Jeolla Province is set to launch a blockchain-powered platform that it says will allow farmers and fishermen to trade their produce via a shared, distributed ledger. The province is one of the country’s biggest agricultural providers. Some 40% of its population works in the fishing or farming industries. The platform has been developed in conjunction with the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as the Ministry of Information and Communication. No time frame for the launch of the platform was given.

The Government versus Bitcoin 18 Dec

UNICEF Wants Donors to Mine Monero for Disadvantaged Children

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has launched a site that allows users to mine cryptocurrency – helping raise money for disadvantaged children by leaving their browsers open on a web page. Per media outlet iT News, the Australian branch of the charity says its new site, called the HopePage, will “allow Australians to provide help and hope to vulnerable children by simply opening the page while they are online.”


The MDD team is a group of dedicated individuals who believe in this project and share a clear vision for the future of MDD. This motivation is supported by skills and years of experience within this industry, marketing and blockchain.
John Doe

Mr. Shui Pang Kanjanapas

CEO: Shui pang M.A

has been an Executive Director of Bangkok Land Public Company Limited since 2003 and served as its Non-Executive Director since 2003.

Robert Downey


Marketing Officer / PR

After finishing her business degree, Lisa went into sales & marketing for IT or mainstream products,in addition to pursuing her volunteering mission like the organization and overseeing of hackathons in the Nice (French Riviera) area.

Thomas Moriz

Pui-Ching CHAU

Asian Market Consultant

Always at the forefront of technological innovation, inspired by finding new ways to combine technologies and innovation, Pui-Ching has put his creative thinking at the service of many sectors such as Banking and Insurance.

Ailin Gonzalez

Jack cable


. Jack is also a Security Recearcher at the leading white hat platform, HackerOne. He have experience worked with pentagon also. California

Bruno Dias

Jeremy BLOT

Community Manager

Jeremy is a webmaster and freelance digital marketing specialist operating in the Web sphere since 2005. He is an active crypto trader, always keen to discuss new opportunities with his network of expert enthusiasts on Twitter.

Robert Downey

Sean salloux

COO/MD Broad and banking

Mobile app security expert with 24 years experience in US, UK and as well as Asia also. Project and new product launches for master card, visa and bank of America and other banks.(US, CANADA, KOREA, UK)


John Doe
Robert Downey
Thomas Moriz